DDDSM 2017 Workshop Program - 27 November 2017

Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang)


Room: To be determined


08:30 - 09:00   

Opening remarks 
Jitendra Jonnagaddala


09:00 - 12:00   

Morning Session: Oral Presentations 
Chair: Jitendra Jonnagaddala, UNSW Sydney 
Co-Chair: Hong-Jie Dai, National Taitung University


09:00 - 09:30   

Automatic detection of stance towards vaccination in online discussion forums 
Maria Skeppstedt1, Andreas Kerren2, Manfred Stede3
1Linnaeus University/University of Potsdam, 2Linnaeus University, 3University of Potsdam


09:30 - 10:00   

Analysing the Causes of Depressed Mood from Depression Vulnerable Individuals 
Noor Fazilla Abd Yusof1, Chenghua Lin2, Frank Guerin2
1University of Aberdeen, 2Department of Computing Science, University of Aberdeen


10:00 - 10:30   

Multivariate Linear Regression of Symptoms-related Tweets for Infectious Gastroenteritis Scale Estimation 
Ryo Takeuchi1, Hayate ISO2, Kaoru Ito1, Shoko Wakamiya1, Eiji Aramaki1
1Nara Institute of Science and Technology, 2NAIST


10:30 - 11:00   



11:00 - 11:30   

Incorporating Dependency Trees Improve Identification of Pregnant Women on Social Media Platforms 
Yi-Jie Huang1, Chu Hsien Su2, Yi-Chun Chang3, Tseng-Hsin Ting3, Tzu-Yuan Fu3, Rou-Min Wang3, Hong-Jie Dai4, Yung-Chun Chang5, Jitendra Jonnagaddala6, Wen-Lian Hsu7
1Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, 2Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, 3CSIE, National Taitung University, 4National Taitung University, 

5Graduate Institute of Data Science, Taipei Medical University, 6UNSW Sydney, 7Academia Sinica


11:30 - 12:00   

Using a Recurrent Neural Network Model for Classification of Tweets Conveyed Influenza-related Information 
Chen-Kai Wang1, Onkar Singh2, Zhao-Li Tang1, Hong-Jie Dai3
1Taipei Medical University, 2Academia Sinica, 3National Taitung University


12:00 - 13:30   



13:30 - 16:15   

Afternoon Session: Mini-Oral Presentations 
Chair: Yung-Chun Chang, Taipei Medical University 
Co-Chair: Hong-Jie Dai, National Taitung University


13:30 - 13:50   

ZikaHack 2016: A digital disease detection competition 
Dillon C Adam1, Jitendra Jonnagaddala2, Daniel Han-Chen3, Sean Batongbacal4, Luan Almeida5, Jing Z Zhu6, Jenny J Yang7, Jumail M Mundekkat4, Steven Badman8, Abrar Chughtai1, C Raina MacIntyre1
1Integrated Systems for Epidemic Response, UNSW, 2UNSW Sydney, 3School of Mathematics & Statistics, UNSW, 4School of Computer Science & Engineering, UNSW, 

5Computer Science Department, Federal University of Alagoas, 6Concord Repatriation General Hospital, 7Faculty of Medicine, UNSW, 8Kirby Institute, UNSW


13:50 - 14:10   

A Method to Generate a Machine-Labeled Data for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition with Various Sub-Domains 
Juae Kim1, Sunjae Kwon2, Youngjoong Ko3, Jungyun Seo2
1Sogang Univesity, 2Sogang University, 3Dong-A University


14:10 - 14:30   

Enhancing Drug-Drug Interaction Classification with Corpus-level Feature and Classifier Ensemble 
Jing Cyun Tu1, Po-Ting Lai2, Richard Tzong-Han Tsai3
1Yuan Ze University, 2National Tsing-Hua University, 3National Central University


14:30 - 14:50   

Chemical-Induced Disease Detection Using Invariance-based Pattern Learning Model 
Neha Warikoo1, Yung-Chun Chang2, Wen-Lian Hsu3
1Bioinformatics Program, Taiwan International Graduate Program, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, 2Graduate Institute of Data Science, Taipei Medical University, 

3Academia Sinica


14:50 - 15:30   



15:30 - 16:00   

Open Discussion 
Chairs: Jitendra Jonnagaddala, Yung-Chun Chang and Hong-Jie Dai


16:00 - 16:15   

Closing remarks 
Jitendra Jonnagaddala





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