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UNSW Can’t get a seat to Professor Michelle Simmons’ talk on Quantum Computing Revolution? Watch the live stream now: #ScienceWeek #SSF18
08:11AM Aug 14
UNSW "Every 1000 jobs directly created within a @GroupofEight university supports more than 2400 jobs throughout Australia." UNSW Vice-Chancellor Prof Ian Jacobs addressed the @PressClubAust today in Canberra. #NPC #Go8
04:41AM Aug 14
UNSW For every $1 invested in @GroupofEight research, $10 is being generated across the Australian economy. UNSW Vice-Chancellor Prof Ian Jacobs highlights the economic benefit of #Go8 university-led research. #NPC @PressClubAust
02:52AM Aug 14
UNSW Did you know women only make up about one-fifth of the STEM workforce? @ausoftheyear Prof Michelle Simmons and @UNSWEngineering student @taminap spoke to @SBSnews on what motivates them. #ScienceWeek
06:08AM Aug 13
UNSW_VIRL New research shows delay in flu shot may not be a bad thing, but don’t miss out
09:50AM Jun 08
UNSW_VIRL Immunisation events @UNSW June 2018 June 21st: Professor Dan Salmon - Multi-Level Interventions to Address Vaccine Hesitancy and Improve Vaccine Uptake
09:31AM May 30
UNSW_VIRL The flu is always severe and people should get vaccinated ASAP with winter less than two weeks away, says an infectious disease expert.
12:18PM May 27