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UNSW Hearing from @andres_artwork about the Art of Homelessness in NYC. 'My role as an artist is to make things beautiful, big and real. I try to find a common ground with my images. I try to find the person inside and give no judgement.' @artdesignunsw @UNSWCentreIdeas
08:49AM Mar 22
UNSW So, you love your tech-toys, tools and networks, but what are we sacrificing for their daily convenience? Author & journalist @FranklinFoer says we’ve gone too far. Explore the existential threat of big tech at this Saturday's Grand Challenges event:
03:05AM Mar 22
UNSW Did you know that testing of the light rail to UNSW is already underway on Alison Road? @MySydney @UNSWLightRail #SydneyLightRail
11:16PM Mar 21
UNSW_VIRL The ease of creating a smallpox-like virus, and the growing number of vulnerable people with weakened immune systems, present challenges for emergency response planners, researchers have warned. #smallpox #infectiousdiseases
02:34AM Mar 07
Globalbiosec Man hospitalised after contracting #MERS -CoV during umrah trip, Health Ministry confirms
11:23AM Jan 01