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UNSW “When you're at university you want to advance your career and if you don't already have a network, a mentor can help you create one using their network." @UNSWbusiness School alumna Ms Amanda Lee Duvall says shares her career advice.
05:00AM Apr 24
UNSW Can you be a feminist, and still enjoy an ‘experiment’ where couples meet for the first time at their wedding, then honeymoon, meet their in-laws and set up home? Dr @ZoraSimic of @UNSWArts explains why the #MAFS phenomenon is so compelling.
02:27AM Apr 24
UNSW “I was watching all of them working as a team to try and save her – and they did.” It was witnessing her grandmother suffer a massive heart failure at hospital that inspired @UNSWMedicine student Yuri Nwe to pursue a career in health – far from home.
06:44AM Apr 23
UNSW_VIRL Check out new publication to determine changes in inter‐seasonal influenza activity in Australia over time. #seasonalflu #epidemic #epidemiology #respiratoryviruses
03:42AM Apr 01
UNSW_VIRL Bioterrorist attack of smallpox can affect the world for 10 years, says study The hypothetical outbreak would extend to 200 people, of whom 40% would die and start in a private hospital in Fiji #smallpox #pandemic #bioterrorism
01:35AM Mar 04
UNSW_VIRL Bioterror WARNING: A BIOTERROR attack with the smallpox virus could be “CATASTROPHIC” for humanity and wipe out large swathes of the population, researchers have warned. #smallpox #bioterrorism #pandemic
10:43PM Feb 25