A digital disease detection tool that picked up signals of an outbreak of Zika months earlier than it was officially detected in Brazil has won the UNSW ZikaHACK competition. The tool can generate early outbreak signals using data from Google Trends, Wikipedia and Twitter has won the competition.

The NHMNRC Centre for Research Excellence, Integrated Systems for Epidemic Response (ISER) sponsored the international challenge for multidisciplinary teams of students to develop a digital tool for early disease detection.

The winning team had an unbeatable combination: a PhD student in public health, an undergraduate computer science student with an interest in health data science, and another final year undergraduate student from Brazil with a strong personal motivation to find novel responses to the Zika emergency.

For official announcement, please refer to http://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/health/students-find-early-signals-zika-virus-outbreak 

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