The Translational Cancer Research Network (TCRN) is seeking two candidates with strong academic records to undertake PhD studies in the area of translational cancer research.

The successful candidates will be offered an annual tax-exempt stipend of $26,682 commencing no later than Semester 1, 2018 for three years full time in the first instance. These scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis for domestic students who will enrol at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and will be determined by a selection committee. These scholarships are for new candidates only – students who are already enrolled are not eligible.

In addition, the TCRN will also provide a Scholarship Top-up of $5,000 per year plus an additional $2,500 per year to support travel and direct research costs.

Essential selection criteria

  1. An undergraduate degree with Honours (first class or equivalent) in a relevant research field including biology, medical sciences, health services, public health, medicine or psychology
  2. Eligibility for enrolment in a PhD program at UNSW
  3. Eligibility for an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship
  4. Capacity to enrol at UNSW by no later than Semester 1, 2018.

For application information, please contact us.

An exciting opportunity to work with WHO Collaborating Center for eHealth (WHOCC-eHealth), UNSW Sydney. WHOCC-eHealth been allocated a UNSW Scientia PhD scholarship to support  a PhD student to research around the topic "global eHealth, social business and citizen engagement".

This project explores citizen and community engagement and equity through the lens of social business and eHealth in the context of achieving the WHO SDGs. A conceptual framework incorporating clinical and population health processes, impacts and outcomes will be developed and tested within the constructs of the WHO Integrated Patient-Centred Health System (IPCHS) Framework and eHealth Strategy. The use cases for this research will include cross-national and cross-cultural health, including Aboriginal health in Australia and WHO member countries in the Asia Pacific. Our network of eHealth and social business centres of excellence will collaborate in this integrative program of research.

This is a prestigious and generous scholarship targeted at well qualified individuals. The UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarships is currently accepting expression of interest (EOI). Please contact us if you are interested or know of suitable candidates who will qualify. 

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