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UNSW Today a further $4 million funding for the Microbiome Research Centre was announced by the Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP and @DavidColemanMP . The centre is an important collaboration between @SSMRF_official , @UNSWMedicine and @SEastSydHealth .
06:16AM Oct 19
UNSW UNSW is proud to unveil Australia’s first public statue of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The bronze bust will be displayed at the Library Lawn alongside two of the world’s best-known human rights champions, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.
02:53AM Oct 19
UNSW Scientists believe Thylacoleo carnifex - aka the marsupial lion - was probably a victim of the drying out of Australia, which began about 350,000 years ago, rather than from the impact of humans.
12:43AM Oct 19
UNSW #SculptureByTheSea opens today! This year, @UNSWMedicine created a sculpture called 'Look Inside My Mind' with a unique audio-visual experience highlighting post-traumatic stress disorder to visitors. #sxsbondi18
03:14AM Oct 18
UNSW_VIRL Summit asks a critical question: are we prepared for bioterrorism? A smallpox outbreak originating in Fiji was the hypothetical scenario confronting researchers, frontline responders and policymakers gathered at UNSW Sydney. #bioterrorism #smallpox
03:07AM Sep 03
UNSW_VIRL Are we prepared for bioterrorism threats? Researchers, front line responders and policy-makers gather at UNSW Sydney for simulated smallpox epidemic exercise #bioterrorism #biosecurity #smallpox
02:19AM Aug 22
UNSW_VIRL Ask The Doctor Episode 10 Cold and Flu Dr Sandro reveals which home remedies work & which ones don't. Dr Shalin finds out what the difference is between colds & flu and what we can do to prevent them #flu #fluremedies . … via @ABCiview
05:43AM Aug 21
UNSW_VIRL Thanks to @Senetor_CFW for a passionate speech at @epidemics_ISER 2 day simulation and workshop of #smallpox #epidemic in the #Pacific . @KirbyInstitute @UNSW @UNSWnews @CentreHealthSec
03:20AM Aug 20