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UNSW Will Australia's food supply remain sustainable in 2050? @UNSWBuiltEnv senior lecturer Dr @JoshuaZeunert 's new project will forecast potential scenarios to inform stakeholders, politicians and decision-makers.
11:18PM Jan 13
UNSW "It will set back biodiversity in our forests for decades." Professor Richard Kingsford of @UNSWScience on the severity and impact of #AustraliaFires on our animals. @unswbees @CES_UNSW
12:52AM Jan 10
UNSW "The expansion of the desalination plant is the only realistic option at this point." @UNSWEngineering 's Prof Stuart Khan ( @stukhan ) says consumers will inevitably face higher bills to cover the cost of the expansion and ongoing operation of desal plant.
10:56PM Jan 09
UNSW What is cancer? Why do some people get it, and others not? @UNSWMedicine cancer researcher A/Prof Darren Saunders ( @whereisdaz ) explains.
12:46AM Jan 02
UNSW_VIRL Ebola virus: Tanzania failing to provide details, WHO says
11:26PM Sep 23
UNSW_VIRL New research shows delay in flu shot may not be a bad thing, but don’t miss out
09:50AM Jun 08
UNSW_VIRL The flu is always severe and people should get vaccinated ASAP with winter less than two weeks away, says an infectious disease expert.
12:18PM May 27
UNSW_VIRL When's the right time to get the flu jab?
12:20AM Apr 09