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UNSW_VIRL Why the DRC Ebola outbreak was declared a global emergency and why it matters. In mid-July the WHO declared the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. #Ebola #epidemiology
04:49AM Aug 24
UNSW . @UNSWLaw ’s @KaldorCentre says the ‘medevac’ law is designed to save lives of #asylumseekers without compromising the ultimate power of the Minister – and it should not be repealed.
05:07AM Aug 23
UNSW “Poor mental health is wreaking havoc across the community, but it is still a taboo topic in Indonesia.” @UNSWScience Psychology PhD student @SandersanOnie is working on removing the stigma around #mentalhealth in his home country.
11:06PM Aug 21
UNSW Have you ever wondered what happens when we're dying? Is it painful? @UNSWMedicine 's Professor Ken Hillman says that most expected deaths are not painful. “You gradually become confused, you lose your level of consciousness, and you fade away.”
06:18AM Aug 20
UNSW More than $8m worth of @arc_gov_au grants have been awarded to two UNSW projects that will involve research in antibiotic resistance and recyclable waste issues. Congratulations to @UNSWMedicine 's Prof Rebecca Guy & @UNSWScience 's Prof @VeenaSahajwalla !
07:20AM Aug 19
UNSW_VIRL Research from Kirby Institute shows three dose schedule of HPV vaccine protects vulnerable children with weakened immunity at least five years after vaccination. #HPV #vaccines #HPVvaccine #epidemiology
01:42AM Aug 09
UNSW_VIRL Check out new publication, Flucast: A Real-Time Tool to Predict Severity of an Influenza Season. #influenzaseason #flucast #epidemiology #pandemic
03:47AM Jul 29