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UNSW "If 50% of Australians became infected that's 492,000 to 738,000 people dying, over 3 million people needing a hospital bed and over 1 million people needing an ICU bed." Prof Raina MacIntyre on what the #COVID19 #coronavirus could mean for Australia.
06:21AM Feb 25
UNSW "While recent rains have been helpful, the drought probably won’t break." Climate scientists explain why a phenomenon called the Indian Ocean Dipole is to blame for Australia's severe, prolonged #drought .
05:19AM Feb 25
UNSW "Reconsider your travel plans to highly affected areas - it's not a good idea to go on a cruise to Asia at this time. And it's always good to wash your hands." - Prof Raina MacIntyre, Global Biosecurity head @KirbyInstitute on precautions to take around #coronavirus on @QandA .
09:59PM Feb 24
UNSW "At the moment the focus is on preventing an epidemic from taking off in the community... If a pandemic is declared in Australia, we move to mitigation, to minimising illness and death toll." UNSW's Prof Raina MacIntyre on last night's @QandA speaking on #coronavirus . #QandA
09:53PM Feb 24
UNSW_VIRL Podcast: #Coronavirus and a state of unease. What is the virus, how are countries responding? @KirkMartyn @epidemics_ISER
05:19AM Feb 15
UNSW_VIRL Coronavirus: Robust kids may still carry disease .The frequency of infection with #coronavirus in children is similar to that in adults but they don’t manifest with severe clinical illness in the way that adults do - Dr Raina MacIntyre @KirbyInstitute
07:32PM Feb 14
UNSW_VIRL Is closing borders to people travelling from China the right move to stop #coronavirus ?
11:38PM Feb 05
UNSW_VIRL Why the New #Coronavirus (Mostly) Spares Children Children can be either asymptomatically infected or have very mild infection, said Dr. Raina MacIntyre, an epidemiologist @UNSW @KirbyInstitute who has been studying the spread of the new coronavirus.
11:00PM Feb 05